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Bed Bug Exterminator near me Pennsville, NJ – Call (856) 351-5090. Bed bugs can be described as small insects that feed exclusively on animal blood. They have a flat body and are usually brownish in color, unless they have fed on too much blood, in which case they turn reddish brown. Bedbug infestations are increasingly becoming a major problem in today’s homes and hotels. Bed bugs are common in homes, schools, apartments, hotels, shelters and even health care facilities.

Bed Bug Control in Pennsville, NJ

These insects not only feed on humans, but also on warm-blooded animals such as rodents, dogs and cats. The consequences of having these insects in the home are incalculable. They bite at night, especially when the victim is asleep. However, depending on their hunger, bed bugs may also feed and bite during the day. They bite the skin, pierce it and suck the blood. The major drawback is that these bites are painless, making it difficult to detect them before it is too late.

After a bedbug bite, there may be certain symptoms, but these depend largely on the individual. Most victims do not react immediately. This is a clear indication that a bedbug infestation can go unnoticed for a long time.

Perhaps the most important question many homeowners ask is whether bed bugs can transmit disease. According to statistics and research, these insects can only harbor pathogens, but have not been shown to transmit them to humans. However, their bites can cause swelling and itching, and even if they do not transmit disease, they cause discomfort, embarrassment and sleeplessness.

Bedbug Exterminators in Pennsville, NJ

If you suspect you have bed bugs at home, it is advisable to identify them, their dander or even fecal stains. If you are unsure, you can request the services of a professional pest control company today.

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