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Ant Exterminator near me Pennsville, NJ – Call (856) 351-5090. Ants are common and can be dangerous pests in or around the home. Although they are sociable insects, ants can cause a lot of damage to your home. These insects are divided into three different classes. These are males, queens and workers. As usual, there are also different types of ants. Workers vary in size and their behavior also varies according to ant species.

There are the same differences in ant colors. They can be red, yellow, brown, black or a combination of both. Males and queens are responsible for reproduction. In terms of size, male ants are larger compared to worker ants. The queens are the largest and double the size of the workers. Immediately after mating, queens shed their wings, but they can live a few more years.

Ant Exterminators in Pennsville, NJ

If you see a swarm of winged ants in the house, it’s a clear sign of ants and a good time to contact a Pest Control Company in Pennsville Township, NJ. Ants love places like rotting wood, tree stumps and damp places. In the home, they often hide behind bathroom tiles, near showers and sinks, or in dishwashers. They can also be found under floor insulation, in roof joists or even under roof sheathing.

Ant Control in Pennsville, NJ

The presence of ants in homes should not be tolerated under any circumstances. They are known to pose a great health risk by contaminating food. Their bites and footprints can spread bacteria and other diseases very quickly. Aside from the health risk, ants also cause property damage to your own four walls. Depending on their size and species, they can weaken the entire structure of a house.

Homeowners should use proper methods to rid their homes of ants. If one’s own efforts are not enough, professional services can be used to achieve the best results.

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